Area Meteorologist Predicts Weather for an Entire Year


365 Day Forecast Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month

SOFT PETERSBURG, FLORIDA –  Finally you can make your plans and be confident about the weather forecast at same time. After a 10 year study and countless cups of coffee, meteorologist Sonny Knomoore, has determined an accurate weather forecast for the entire state of Florida for the forth coming year. While beta testing he has achieved a 100% accuracy level with his innovated method of weather predictions. “It was like getting hit on the head with a rock when I finally figured out the solution during a meteor shower”, said Knomoore. He has stated at a news conference today he released his prediction of a 50% chance of rain for the next 365 days. When asked for more details, Knomoore replied, “It might rain, and it might not!” He did reply that predicting weather for the Northern states would be almost impossible due to the “Snow Variable”. A spokesman, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed “Mr. Knomoore is nuttier than squirrel turds.”

News article by Rich Bossmund


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