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Be Yourself


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Split Atom Recycler

Tampa Fl.- Area Recycler Rich Bossmund has discovered a unique way of recycling split atoms. Bossmund, a G.E.D. graduate from M.I.T, recently released photos of his split atom recycling facility and explained a little about the procedure. I can’t explain

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Area Meteorologist Predicts Weather for an Entire Year

365 Day Forecast Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month SOFT PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Р Finally you can make your plans and be confident about the weather forecast at same time. After a 10 year study and countless cups of coffee, meteorologist

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Some Photos



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Watch out for Motorcycles!!


Watch out for those crazy motorcycle drivers.  

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Student Drives School Bus

Student drives bus

Watch out for student’s driving the school bus. Since I first made fun of this sign the sign has been change to “Driver in Training”  

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Two Men and a Truck?

Two Men and a Truck

A lot more than “A” truck these two men do have. After making fun of these guys they came out with a commercial that says “We’re a lot more than two men and a truck”  

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Wildlife on the Weeki Wachee

Wildlife on the Weeki Wachee

Some wildlife I spotted on the Weeki Wachee River  

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E-Bike photo

E Bike

Here’s a picture of my bike.  

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Snail Photo


Happen to notice this snail on the ground.  

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